Welcome by president


Dear participants to the SCTA Virtual Event,

On behalf of the SCTA board I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you to join us for this year’s virtual experience.

After having celebrated the 10th anniversary last year, we are unable to meet and greet each other in person amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Our virtual event is an all new experience for us, but at the same time a great opportunity to stay globally connected.

The theme of the conference “Together Toward Tomorrow” is a perfect emphasis that the players of the global coffee supply chain need to work closely together to address the imminent challenges of low producer prices, logistical disruptions, climate change, loss of origin diversity, digitalization and shift in consumer behavior just to mention a few examples of our increasingly complex and fully connected world.

The SCTA, the NCA and Sintercafe choose the headline topic “Together Toward Tomorrow” as a common theme for the 2020/2021 event cycle, which is a further step of the associations to align closely across the value chain. Cooperation, collaboration and exchange of information and knowledge is key to the future – not only among the associations but also through private/public partnerships. During the webinar you will hear more from the collaborative approach of the associations, the coffee market during and post-Covid times and how technology will shape the future of coffee production to consumption. Our next gen team will have a dedicated module to share their thoughts on the future of the various players in the supply chain.  

I do encourage you to sign up for our SCTA virtual event, which is free of charge. You will be able to ask questions via the chat function and we wish to make this as interactive as possible. We are counting on your participation.

A special thanks also to all our sponsors helping the SCTA social committee to organize this event during these unprecedented and difficult times and turning this virtual event into an opportunity and new experience for all of us.

We hope to meet in person in 2021 on Sep30/Oct 1 in Basel.

Nicolas A. Tamari
SCTA President