Day 1 – October 14th

Keynote, starting at 2pm:
Paul Polman: The Business Opportunity of The Sustainable Development Goals

Trade CEO Panel: Response to the Sustainable Coffee Challenge and ten-year roadmap:
Regenerative agriculture, living income…the future of merchants

Chief Sustainability Officers Roundtable: What are the main sustainability barriers and how will we overcome them? What are the major challenges and how can we learn from other sectors?

Big Picture Debate: An expert discussion on the demands and opportunities of the Decisive Decade, legislative topics, overarching global initiatives and progress, what can we learn from other sectors?

Day 2 – October 15th

Morning session:
11am-12pm on global logistics: From sea freight to inland logistics

Afternoon sessions as of 2pm:
Coffee Industry Associations: 
The big sustainability themes for our industry in the next ten years. Will we achieve the Sustainable Coffee Challenge and how can associations help?
With representatives from Brazil/Central America/USA/EU

Next Gen: Plus Ten – How will education drive retention of talent in the coffee sector?

Green coffee supply and demand: Green coffee market outlook, key swing factors, consumption after corona