SCTA Virtual Event 2020

October 1st and 2nd, 2020
« Together Toward Tomorrow »


Day 1 – October 1st – International Coffee Day

14:00 – 15:00 CET: Together – Facilitated discussion with leading coffee industry associations coming together for the first time in one panel to talk about trends and projects in the sector

Panel 1 – SCTA / NCA / Sintercafe / ECF / BCA

Welcome Address

  • Nicolas Tamari, President SCTA


  • Cyrille Jannet, Vice President SCTA
  • Bill Murray, CEO NCA
  • Noelia Villalobos, Executive Director Sintercafe
  • Eileen Gordon-Laity, Secretary General European Coffee Federation
  • Paul Rooke, Executive Director British Coffee Association

Key topics

  • Impact of Covid-19 on the associations and in the specific geographies
  • The changing agenda of the industry associations – main focus of work in coming years
  • Climate in coffee growing and price
  • Opportunities for closer collaboration between associations

Panel 2 – Next Generation

15:30 – 16:30 CET: Tomorrow – A discussion with the next generation coffee supply chain actors


  • Daniel Montenegro, Manager at Exportadora Internacional Dinamica, representing “Next Gen Origins”
  • Giacomo Celi, Sustainability Director at Mercon Coffee Group
  • Theda Viets, Senior Purchaser at Tchibo
  • Dorien Van Dun, SCTA Next Gen council, representing “SCTA Next Gen members” 

Key topics

  • What does the Next Gen coffee supply chain look like?
  • Vision from an origin, a trade and a roaster angle to assess how this can work and benefit all involved
  • What are the key necessities of each actor and what can they contribute in return?
  • What are today’s concrete challenges in the current economic, political and sanitary environment?
  • Ideas about solutions to put in place for a joint success

Day 2 – October 2nd

14:00 – 15:15 CET: Together – the Coffee Community and Covid-19

Panel 3 – As the coffee sector regroups and takes stock in the new world shaped by responses to the pandemic

Keynote Speaker

  • David Rennie Deputy EVP – Head of Nestle Coffee Brands


  • Michael Schaefer Head of Hot Drinks Research Euromonitor – consumer trends during and post covid times  
  • David Behrends, Managing Partner & Head of Trading Sucafina
  • Roberto Velez, CEO FNC
  • David Browning, Founder and CEO Enveritas
  • Sebastien Ribatto, Managing Director Rabobank New York

Key topics

  • What has been the main short-term impact on supply and demand?
  • Will this accelerate the shift to origin concentration – what have we learned about resilience of the sector?
  • How will the coffee industry be changed for the longer term and where do we go from here ?
  • Main impact on longer term consumer dynamics?
  • What’s our new normal?
  • How will trade finance change and shape the future of trading?

16:00 – 17:00 CET: Tomorrow – technology innovation in the coffee sector

Panel 4 – As from research into high yield climate resistant varietals, to blockchain and robotics, the panel will look at the wave of new technologies set to reinvent the industry in the next decade and beyond


  • New varietals and genetics: Vern Long, CEO World Coffee Research
  • Smarter input management:  Stefan Fürnsinn – SVP Digital Farming  YARA
  • Connecting Farmers – Consumers: Michael Chrisment, CEO Farmer Connect
  • New logistics technologies: Ashot Arakeljan, Chief Product & Technology Officer CARGOO
  • Investing in disruptors: Pascal Schlittler, CEO MyCoffeeWorld

Key topics shared by technology leaders in the coffee market:

  • Did coffee get left behind and if so, why and what has been holding us back?
  • What are the main ways in which technology will disrupt the coffee sector in the next ten years?
  • How digitalisation is changing the supply chain fast
  • Coffee farming of the future

Special session Oct 1

17:30 – 18:150 am CET

Topic : The outlook on the coffee market

Join us for a market insight session with renowned coffee market and beverages analysts from Rabobank:
– Carlos Mera Sr Analyst Rabobank
– Jim Watson Sr Analyst Beverages North America Rabobank

  • How did/does covid-19 impact coffee production and exports?
  • Impact from covid 19 on green coffee disappearance and demand?
  • How does covid 19 impact consumer behavior – what can we learn from other consumer products?
  • What is next for Brazil after a bumper crop?
  • How did the macro environment drive fund investments in the coffee market?

Special session Oct 2

10:00 – 11:00 am CET: (organized by CARGOO)

Topic : Is your supply chain ready for a digital transformation?

Join us for our leader’s roundtable, to learn why true digital transformation requires more than just digitization and explore:

  • How exactly does digital transformation affect the coffee business? What are the breakthrough technologies and their capabilities you need to know about?
  • How will digital transformation impact skills requirements and work in general? Do you need to completely revamp your understanding of supply chain management? And most importantly: How do you get started?
  • Is the coffee industry behind other industries when coming to digitalization? What can be done to speed up the digitalization process?
  • What other industries have done to be ahead in a digital transformation? What have they done differently? What needs to be done to catch up?

Moderator:  Jahn Widmer- Head of Digitalization Commodity Supplies


  • Dr. Ralf Belusa- Chief Digital Officer Hapag-Lloyd
  • Marcel van de Pol- Digital Container Shipping Association Director
  • Raphaelle Hemmerlin- Head of Logistics & Operations Excellence Sucafina
  • Targe Bock- Executive Supply Chain Manager- Suzano Paper & Cellulose