Transportation & Venue Locations

  • Public transports

    The city of Basel and the surrounding area has an excellent public transport network that is known for its punctuality, short waiting times and modern vehicles.

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  • Taxis & Velotaxis

    There are taxi and velotaxi (VAXI) ranks dotted throughout the city centre.

    A velotaxi (VAXI or “bike taxi”) is a combination of muscle and electrical power. Why not set an example for green mobility and energy efficiency while exploring Basel in a unique way!

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  • Welcome Cocktail 10 October
    Safran Zunft
    Gerbergasse 11
    CH-4001 Basel

    Networking & individual meetings 10 & 11 October
    + Gala Dinner 11 October

    Congress Center Basel
    Messeplatz 21
    CH-4058 Basel

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The hotels selected (see ACCOMODATION) are all located around the tram station.

The venue locations can easily be reached by tram or on foot.